Downton Abbmemes

Then you were the young and beautiful Countess of Grantham, turning eyes in a ballroom, or out in your carriage. Now you are a great lady. Imperious. Magnificent!


TLDW: Downton Abbey 5x02


TLDW: Downton Abbey 5x01

Where has this been for the past 2 weeks?? :D

Ha ha, I think I reblogged it around the time it came out.  

"And Edith, I guess."

God I love how everyone hates on Edith.

There is nothing more ill-bred than trying to steal the affections of another man’s dog.

Robert once again being concerned to the welfare of his favourite child. (via thebarefootflapper)

I am literally laughing out loud about this. OMG.

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I loved this!

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This is the only illustration for birth control I see in a Marie Stopes book. Different than we see Anna point to but it might have been changed for effect. Second pic is a package of the time. Why does everyone think she bought a single condom? 

If this is going anywhere and I doubt it will. Bates would find a reciept for a diaphragm and think Anna was intentionally avoiding getting pregnantl. 

I’m curious to know what you all think. Is this just all about Mary and that’s it?

Nope.  The minute Anna got all freaked out about buying it I rolled my eyes.  It’s predictable:  In the last episode Bates talked about kids, in this episode Anna’s buying contraception, cue dramatic misunderstanding.




There you go for those who asked- the ‘argument’. Sorry for poor quality again xxx

thank you, emmajane44!!! these two, they make my heart do funny things. can’t breathe. her face. oh god. oh all the gods.

Emma!!! You are the Chelsie Queen this evening!!! Thank you for these :) xoxoxo

"Every relationship has its ups and downs.”


But seriously there’s more chemistry between Lord Grantham and Isis than between Mary and Gillingham.